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 Thu, 23. Jun. 2022   Thoene, Reinhard

Donation from Oracle for research on Multi-Level Modeling

Oracle has donated $158,000 to the chair to support research into multi-level modeling. The multi-level language architecture developed at the chair in cooperation with Prof. Clark from Aston University Birmingham and the...
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 Thu, 09. Jun. 2022   Reinhard Thöne

Best Paper Award for Mario Nolte and Monika Kaczmarek-Heß

At this year's EMMSAD Conference in Leuven, Mario Nolte and Monika Kaczmarek-Heß were awarded the Best Paper Award for their paper "Enterprise Modeling in Support Of Transparency in the Design and Use of Software Systems". In the...
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 Tue, 24. May. 2022   Mario Nolte

Unser Engagement auf der Modellierung 2022

Auf der diesjährigen Konferenz Modellierung 2022 in Hamburg werden sowohl der aktuelle Stand des XModelers als auch von MEMO4ADO im Rahmen einer Tool Demo vorgestellt. Daneben wird ebenfalls der Beitrag mit dem Titel “Beyond Low...
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 Tue, 29. Mar. 2022   Thoene, Reinhard

ICB Research Report on Study of 10 "Low Code" Platforms

ICB Report No. 70, "Low Code Platforms: Promises, Concepts and Prospects: A Comparative Study of Ten Systems," written by Alexander Bock, Ulrich Frank and Pierre Maier, presents the results of a study of ten selected "low code"...
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 Tue, 29. Mar. 2022   Thoene, Reinhard

Journal article on Foundations of Multi-Level Modeling

The paper "Multi-level modeling: cornerstones of a rationale - Comparative evaluation, integration with programming languages, and dissemination strategies." has been published in the journal "Software and Systems Modeling". In...
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 Tue, 29. Mar. 2022   Thoene, Reinhard

Specification of IT Modeling Language published in recent ICB Research Report

In the recently published ICB Research Report No. 72, Ulrich Frank, Monika Kaczmarek-Heß and Sybren de Kinderen present the extensively revised specification of MEMO ITML. This language, which is integrated with the other MEMO...
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 Mon, 28. Mar. 2022   Mario Nolte

Introductory sessions for Master's students

On Tuesday, 5 April at 4:00 pm, the introductory information session for Master's students for the summer semester will take place in room R09 R04 H02. During the course we will present our courses Advanced Topics of IS-Research 2...
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 Mon, 15. Nov. 2021   Thoene, Reinhard

Paper on "Low-Code" published in journal BISE

The paper "Low-Code Platform", written by Alexander Bock and Ulrich Frank, appears in the current issue of the journal "Business & Information Systems Engineering". The digital version is available online through open access: ...
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 Thu, 23. Sep. 2021   Thoene, Reinhard

Philosophical reflections on Digital Transformation

In the paper "Language, Change, and Possible Worlds. Philosophical Considerations of the Digital Transformation", Ulrich Frank analyzes specific challenges of the scientific inquiry of the digital transformation. To this end, he...
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 Wed, 22. Sep. 2021   Mario Nolte

Four presentations at 8th MULTI Workshop

The conference series Models is the leading international conference in the field of modeling software systems. In the context of this conference the workshop MULTI has been taking place for several years. It is the central...
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 Wed, 08. Sep. 2021   Thoene, Reinhard

Ulrich Frank gives keynote lecture on perspectives of teaching conceptual modeling.

The workshop "Modellierungslehre digitalisieren" ("Digitising modelling teaching") (https://gi.de/veranstaltung/informatik-2021-workshop-modellierungslehre-digitalisieren), which will take place as part of "Informatik...
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 Tue, 29. Jun. 2021   Mario Nolte

Beitrag von Alexander Bock und Koautor:innen als "Best Research-in-Progress Paper" der ECIS 2021 ausgezeichnet

Der von Alexander Bock gemeinsam mit Sergio España, Jens Gulden, Katharina Jahn, Livinus Obiora Nweke und Andreas Richter verfasste Beitrag "The Ethics of Information Systems: The Present State of the Discussion and Avenues for...
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