The importance of Wirtschaftsinformatik for economy and society can also be observed in schools that increasingly have Wirtschaftsinformatik as subject in their curriculum. Pupils can earn basic knowledge and competences about business information systems, including their development, implementation, usage, and maintenance. This also means introducing pupils to key terms of the Wirtschaftsinformatik discipline, such as business process, integration, re-use, or abstraction. There are numerous ways to find motivating examples for today's pupils that illustrate what Wirtschaftsinformatik is about; for example, an analyzing the business processes of billing voice and data plans for a cellular network operator.

Students that are currently doing Lehramt (German term for students that are studying to become a teacher) and are planning on taking a Wirtschaftsinformatik course, should contact a lecturer as soon as possible. Therefore, you can contact us so that we can provide you with the relevant information. It has shown to be helpful to contact Prof. Dr. Frank in advance before any oral or written examination.