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 Mon, 23. Dec. 2019   Mario Nolte

Praktikervortrag von Capgemini am Dienstag, den 7. Januar im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung UMO 1

Am Dienstag, den 7. Januar 2020 begrüßen wir in der Zeit von 16 bis 17:30 Uhr Herr Gillich in unserer Lehrveranstaltung Unternehmensmodellierung 1 im Raum R14 R02 B07 des Hörsaalzentrums am Rheinischen Platz am Campus Essen. Herr...
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 Mon, 21. Oct. 2019   Bartels, Michael

Prof. Tony Clark in Essen

Prof Tony Clark from Aston University in Birmingham will visit our team from Oct. 28th to Oct. 30th to attend a meeting within the project "Language Engineering for Multi-Level Modelling" (LE4MM).
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 Thu, 10. Oct. 2019   Mario Nolte

Bachelor- und Masterprojekte für das Wintersemester 2019/20 sind online

Die Bachelor- und Masterprojekte des Lehrstuhls für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Unternehmensmodellierung sind nun online und können hier eingesehen werden. Wir freuen uns in diesem Semester ein Projekt in Kooperation mit der...
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 Mon, 23. Sep. 2019   Mario Nolte

Introductory session for master and bachelor students

On Tuesday, 15 October at 16:00, the first event for the module Enterprise Modeling 1 will take place in room R14 R02 B07. In this context, we will also provide information about further courses for undergraduate students this...
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 Mon, 22. Jul. 2019   Mario Nolte

Our commitment at the 21st IEEE Conference on Business Informatics

In the period from 15 to 17 July, researchers from different countries came together in Moscow to discuss various topics, for example business and process modeling, information management and artificial intelligence for...
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 Mon, 06. May. 2019   Jens Gulden

New Version of the XModeler

A new build version of XModeler, v 1.1.7, has been released.This version offers substantial improvements with regard to usability and a professional user interface appearance. One of the most important changes is the new layouting...
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 Sat, 23. Feb. 2019   Mario Nolte

Our participation at the 14th International Conference of Business Information Systems

From 23 to 27 February, researchers will meet in Siegen to take part in workshops, lectures and discussions on a wide range of information systems topics. In the focus thereby among other things topics are located from the ranges...
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 Wed, 30. Jan. 2019   Mario Nolte

Re-election of Prof. Frank as member of the Commission for Research, Young Scientists and Knowledge Transfer

Prof. Frank was re-elected to the Commission for Research, Young Scientists and Knowledge Transfer of our University. The tasks of the Commission include advising the Rectorate on fundamental research issues and on establishing...
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 Fri, 04. Jan. 2019   Andre Staemmler

Guest lecture by Capgemini Deutschland GmbH on the integration of business information systems

The integration of business information systems is one of the core topics of business informatics. On January 16th at 2 p.m. (room R09 R04 H02) Mr. Philipp Deth of the Capgemini Germany GmbH will give an insight into this topic...
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 Mon, 15. Oct. 2018   Andre Staemmler

Study projects for the Winter term 2018/19 are now available (UMO chair)

The study projects for Bachelor and Master students for the winter term 2018/19 are now published on the websites of the Chair of Information Systems and Enterprise Modelling. You can find all projects on our teaching page...
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 Sun, 14. Oct. 2018   Andre Staemmler

Speeches at the MODELS Conference in Copenhagen on new developments in multi-level modelling

At this year's MODELS Conference in Copenhagen, the Chair of Business Information Systems and Enterprise Modelling presents various papers in the field of multi-level modelling. Prof. Frank and Tony Clark will jointly present the...
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 Mon, 01. Oct. 2018   Mario Nolte

IBIS 2 lectures start on Wednesday, October 10th, at 2 pm

By integrating business information systems, companies can achieve economies of scale and reduce maintenance costs. The skills required for this can be acquired in the course Integration of Business Information Systems 2. The...
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