Tue, 26. Mar. 2024   Sekretariat UMO

"Festschrift" for Ulrich Frank

Tribute to the 65th anniversary

as part of an academic celebration during the EMISA/Modelling 2024 conference in Potsdam, Ulrich Frank was presented with a "Festschrift" on the occasion of his 65th birthday - to the great delight of the jubilarian, who was completely surprised by the honor. The Festschrift titled "Informing Possible Future Worlds" was produced by 45 authors, who showed Ulrich Frank a special appreciation that fills him with great gratitude. Jürgen Jung and Stefan Strecker, who planned and edited the Festschrift with great effort, deserve special thanks. Stefan Strecker also contributed to another extremely pleasant surprise by successfully asking Alan Kay for a handwritten greeting, which has also found its way into the Festschrift.

The book is freely available via Open Access at .