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A Conceptual Modeling Method for Supporting the Management of Organizational Decision Processes

Art der Arbeit:
Masterarbeit Wirtschaftsinformatik
    Abgeschlossene Arbeit


    In this thesis, a conceptual modeling method for supporting the management of organ-izational decision processes is designed. The method is intended to promote the coor-dination of organizational decision processes, to facilitate the implementation and maintenance of supporting information systems, and to foster accountability and trace-ability of organizational decisions. The modeling method is integrated with a number of existing modeling languages provided by the enterprise modeling method MEMO. The thesis follows a design-oriented research method. Based on a literature review, requirements for a method are specified, the design process is unfolded, the method specification is presented in detail, and the method is evaluated against the established requirements. Results indicate that such a method may, in fact, represent a suitable foundation for an ongoing management of organizational decision processes.