Dr. Carola Schauer

Senior Academic Staff

Dr. Carola Schauer, (geb. Lange)

R09 R04 H32
+49 201 18-34066
Consultation Hour:
by appointment

Curriculum Vitae:

  • I was born on December, 14th 1977 in Hamm/Westf., Germany.
  • From November 1997 until June 2003 I studied computer science and business information systems at the University of Koblenz.
  • I spent fall semester 2000 and spring semester 2001 taking classes at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, USA. The exchange year was funded by a DAAD scholarship.
  • I started to work at the research group Enterprise Modeling in August 2003 (project ECOMOD).
  • I moved to University Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen, following Prof. Ulrich Frank in November 2004.
  • I have worked as a research assistant in the DFG-funded IFWIS project since September 2005.
  • Since 2008 I have been employed part-time (taking parent time for our son).
  • In April 2011 I received my doctorat degree (Dr. rer pol.) by the publication of my dissertation thesis with Gabler.
  • In May 2011 my second son was born.
  • In November 2013 I started to work part-time as a research assistant.
  • In November 2015 my third son was born



  • Carola Schauer, Hanno Schauer: Opening the Minds of Upper Secondary School Students for Business Informatics - an Exploratory Study and an Outline for a Dedicated Teaching Program. In: Proceedings of WI2021. 2021. CitationDetails

    Graduates of Business Informatics (BI) have excellent job perspectives. The ongoing digital transformation entails the fascinating opportunity for our students to participate in designing future organizations. At the same time, the analysis of statistical data indicates that first-year-student numbers at Germany’s University bachelor programs in BI are relatively low. Personal experience additionally suggests that many first-year-students have no clear idea about BI and their future role in practice. Hence, we assume that already the perception of BI by students at secondary schools is biased by substantial misconceptions. This paper is intended to contribute to the debate on how to raise the awareness of upper secondary school students for BI. Based on an exploratory survey and practical experience through a case study teaching program employed by "school ambassadors", we propose critical success factors for designing initiatives to disseminate a realistic and attractive image of BI and the professional perspectives it enables.

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  • Schauer, Carola: Mit Geschäftsprozessmodellen Digitalisierung neu denken, Fortbildung für Informatiklehrkräfte des Lehrstuhls Didaktik der Informatik der UDE, 17.11.2020, Zoom. Details
  • Carola Schauer, Hanno Schauer: Softwareprojekte im Informatikunterricht, Fortbildung am pädagogischen Landesinstitut, 28.10.2013, Speyer. Details

Tutored Theses:

  • Bezugsrahmen und Vorgehensmodell zur Nutzung von Group-Learning-Tools im Schulunterricht (Master Thesis Business Information Systems, in progress)
  • Eine kritische Analyse der Anwendungsbereiche und Erfolgskriterien von IT im Schulunterricht: Bezugsrahmen aus Sicht der Wirtschaftsinformatik (Bachelor Thesis Business Information Systems, 2020)
  • Förderung der IT-Nutzung in der schulischen Bildung: Entwicklung eines Vorgehensmodells und Evaluation anhand einer Fallstudie (Master Thesis Business Information Systems, 2015)
  • Decision Support in IT Management: Evaluation Criteria for Performance Indicator Systems and Exemplary Application (Bachelor Thesis Business Information Systems, 2015)
  • Die internationale Forschungsgemeinschaft des Information Systems – eine bibliometrische Analyse wissenschaftlicher Konferenzen aus Sicht der Wirtschaftsinformatik (Diploma Thesis Business Information Systems, 2008)
  • Entwurf eines Thesaurus für die Recherche und Verwaltung von Fachinformationen (Literatur, Datenbankeinträge etc.) der Wirtschaftsinformatik (Diploma Thesis Business Information Systems, 2007)
  • Entwurf einer Methode zur Unterstützung des Risikomanagements im Unternehmen (Diploma Thesis Business Information Systems, 2006)
  • Preisbildungsmechanismen für digitale Produkte im Internet – Bezugsrahmen zur Bewertung bestehender Ansätze in der Forschung und aktueller Verfahren in der Praxis (Diploma Thesis Business Information Systems, 2006)