Integrating the Work System Method with MEMO

  • Master Thesis Business Information Systems
  • Diploma Thesis Business Information Systems



Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling (MEMO) is aimed at integrating models of the action system with models of organisational information systems. For this purpose, it includes an extensible set of DSML. The continuing development of MEMO needs to account for alternative abstractions of the enterprise that are suited to address important aspects.


The work system method (WSM) is a flexible systems analysis method designed to help business professionals think and communicate about systems in organizations and to help them collaborate effectively with IT professionals. It was developed over almost 20 years, during which many hundreds of employed MBA and Executive MBA students used work system analysis templates to help them analyze IT-reliant work systems in their organizations and to produce recommendations for improving those work systems. The core of WSM is the two main frameworks in work system theory (WST), the work system framework and the work system life cycle model. The thesis would be aimed at analysing the value added to MEMO through an integration of the WSM. Furthermore a DSML for designing works systems should be specified and evaluated. The WSM was developed by Prof. Steven Alter at the University of San Francisco. Prof. Alter is very much interested in the results of this project. Therefore, the student who takes this assignment would have the chance to visit Prof. Alter in San Francisco.