Enterprise Modelling and Performance Optimisation (EMPOSME)

Research project


University of Limerick (IR), Aalborg Universitet (NL), Univerzita Karlova v Praze (CZ), University College Cork (IL)

Involved person:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Frank (local project supervisor)
Dr. Jürgen Jung (Team Member)
Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Jonas Sprenger (Team Member)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Strecker(Team Member)
Dr. Con Sheahan (Coordination)
Dr. David Heise (Student Assistant)

Funded by:

Europäische Union / European Union


finished (from 2005-11-01 until 2007-06-01)


Conceptual Modelling
Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling (MEMO)


EMPOSME is aimed at developing conceptual models of the enterprise that support decision making in complex areas such as production planning, supply chain management etc. For this purpose, existing MEMO languages are enhanced with concepts, suited to representing relevant features of selected decision domains. Based on these specific modelling languages, a new generation of decision support tool will be developed. It combines the expressive power of visual modelling with formal concepts that allow for automated analysis and optimization.