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Botschaft an unsere Studierenden

Die widrigen Rahmenbedingungen des Sommersemesters 2020 stellen uns alle vor erhebliche Herausforderungen. Prof. Frank erläutert in diesem Video, dass damit auch Chancen verbunden sind. Sie können allerdings nur dann genutzt werden, wenn Lehrende und Lernende gemeinsam kreativ und (selbst-) kritisch neue Wege erkunden. Dazu skizziert er, welche Ziele wir mit der Virtualisierung der Lehre verfolgen.

Our course offerings in the summer term 2020

We are still here for you!

In the summer term 2020 we will continue to offer our range of courses for students to the usual extent. However, in order to act contrary to the further spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we try to avoid direct contact as far as possible. This will also result in some changes for teaching and especially for the supervision meetings.

Mehr zur Lehre im SS 2020

Further information on university courses in the summer semester 2020

Please also note the following information:

 Tue, 04. Feb. 2020   Mario Nolte

Talk on the annual conference of the Verbands der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V.

At this year's annual conference of the Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V.  (Association of University Lecturers in Business Administration) in Frankfurt am Main, the main topic will be on digital...
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 Thu, 30. Jan. 2020   Mario Nolte

Ulrich Frank is Program Chair of ER 2020

The conference "Entity Relationship Modelling" (ER 2020) represents the most important international platform for researchers in the field of conceptual modelling. This year's conference is dedicated to the overall topic "Digital...
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 Thu, 30. Jan. 2020   Mario Nolte

Second term of office as DFG Review Board Member

Ulrich Frank was elected for a second term of office in the Review Board Computer Science of the German Research Foundation (DFG). There he represents Business Informatics. The DFG is dedicated to promoting scientific research in...
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 Thu, 02. Jan. 2020   Ulrich Frank

Tutorial on Multi-Level Modelling on Feb. 19th 2020 in Vienna

Tony Clark and Ulrich Frank will give a tutorial on "Multi-level Modelling with the FMMLx and the XModelerML". The tutorial takes place within the conference "Modellierung 2020". Multilevel modelling is a new modelling paradigm...
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 Mon, 28. Oct. 2019   Ulrich Frank

Ulrich Frank chair of doctoral consortium at "Modellierung 2020"

The conference series "Modellierung" provides a forum for all research communities that work on various aspects of modelling within the German Informatics society (GI). It is the leading conference of its kind within German...
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 Thu, 24. Oct. 2019   Bartels, Michael

Version 1.1.8 of the XModeler is available

The latest version of XModeler (v 1.1.8) has been made available for public download. In this version the first beta version of the new diagram type FMMLX has been implemented. This diagram type is based on a new architecture in...
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 Mon, 21. Oct. 2019   Bartels, Michael

Prof. Ulrich Frank gives invited talk in Luxembourg

In the context of the workshop "Teaching and Learning Conceptual Modelling" of the conference "Practice of Enterprise Modelling 2019" Prof. Ulrich Frank gives an invited lecture on the topic: "Teaching the Art and Science of...
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 Thu, 01. Aug. 2019   Ulrich Frank

Ulrich Frank gives invited talk at the Wittgenstein-Symposium 2019

For more than 40 years the Wittgenstein Symposium takes place in the village of Kirchberg in Austria. In 2019, the symposium (from August 4th to 10th) was dedicated to the general topic "Crisis and Critique: Philosophical Analysis...
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