Thu, 23. Sep. 2021   Thoene, Reinhard

Philosophical reflections on Digital Transformation

In the paper "Language, Change, and Possible Worlds. Philosophical Considerations of the Digital Transformation", Ulrich Frank analyzes specific challenges of the scientific inquiry of the digital transformation. To this end, he considers fundamental philosophical and scientific-theoretical problems - also with regard to more recent approaches in artificial intelligence research. Against this background, he outlines characteristic features of a methodology of change. The paper was published in the proceedings of the Wittgenstein symposium:

Frank, U. (2021). Language, Change, and Possible Worlds: Philosophical Considerations of the Digital Transformation. In A. Siegetsleitner, A. Oberprantacher, M.-L. Frick, & U. Metschl (Eds.), Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society - New Series: Vol. 28. Crisis and Critique: Philosophical Analysis and Current Events: Proceedings of the 42nd International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium (pp. 117–138). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter.