Service-oriented and event-driven architectures

The thought behind a service-oriented architecture (SOA) is that each service provider can make services accessible as Web services, which can be integrated and made available by means of such a SOA. One of the advantages of Web services is that they allow for the decoupling of service interfaces from considerations related to service implementation and platform selection. In the context of service delivery, an event can be viewed as a request for input from some actor in the process in order to let the process execution continue. Events are helpful to keep track of process execution and to understand which actions are demanded from which actor. The identification of one or more tasks that are necessary to process the event and possible assignment of such tasks to available actors is done by event-driven architectures (EDAs). By appropriately structuring service compositions and interconnected processes, service providers can reduce the effort involved in adjusting to changing business environments. Research is needed to determine the fundamental differences and commonalities between dominant architectural styles for service delivery (like SOAs and EDAs and a combination of the two). Subsequently, the domain-independent parts of such architectural styles need to be determined next to an understanding of how these architectural styles can be tailored for domain-specific requirements. Finally, this knowledge should lead to achieving an improved integrated service delivery.


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